What our Clients Say

Anne Baker Mayor, Isaac Regional Council

"'Find your Feet' is a SeeChange Consulting program for Mayor and Councillor teams.  In this short 3 minute clip, Mayor Anne Baker From Isaac Regional Council talks about the impact of this program on her team. "

Paul Hilton CEO, Power Tynan.

"Before working with SeeChange, our Board were disjointed and therefore Leadership team lacked understanding of the Board’s vision. We worked with SeeChange for 12 months focusing on different levels of the business - the Board, the Senior Managers and then Middle managers. We are now even doing sessions for all staff. In these very practical SeeChange sessions we worked on real work issues together which really showed us teamwork in action. We are now a united team, working in the one direction. Processes within the business have improved immensely and our staff have 100% buy in to what we are trying to achieve. I would recommend SeeChange if you want to improve the culture of your business which in turn improves the bottom line. "

Penni Roberts CEO, Kaloma Home for the Aged

"Yes working with SeeChange does cost money. However my Board said ‘can you afford NOT to do it?’ We have saved at least the investment amount by decreasing staff turnover and having our leaders take responsibility for HRM when they are on duty. It has been worth every cent to us and I now realize that it isn't just my job to make it work"

Rob Martyn Logistics Manager, Tong Park Piggery

"We see our Middle Managers as being the key to success going forward..... future leaders and managers and we are going to get that buy in from the ground level up."

Ross Ingram CEO, Swickers and SunPork Fresh Foods

"The SeeChange message may be simple but it’s powerful. Teamwork is critical. Thanks to them we now communicate openly, trust is growing and we are working better together as a whole team. We have moved from a win-lose situation to a win-win environment and it’s paying the dividends."