Our Approach

Our Mission

We facilitate leading-edge thinking and learning to create practical solutions for sustainable change.

Action Learning CYCLE

Our approach focuses on helping people continuously improve. We use experiential learning techniques such as the Action Learning Cycle to make this happen.

In our programs participants:

  • Reflect on their situation – what is currently happening? What is working and not working?
  • Identify the core problems – diagnosis of the ‘real’ issues
  • Develop plans - to help them to address their situation, using the information and skills they are learning

The specific content of the workshops are tailored to the people’s ‘real life’ experiences. They focus on key skills that they are committed to improving to increase their productivity in the workplace to create change.

We believe that the 'learning is in the doing’.

Action learning is a proven process which helps people learn through their own actions and experiences to improve their performance.