Team Building


  • Do you want to reduce silos between your teams/departments?
  • Do want to build tolerance and respect amongst team members so they work together better?
  • Do want your teams to ‘buy in’ to where you want your business to go?
  • Do you want to run team meetings that result in real action and getting things done?

Our team building service focuses on supporting people to learn how to:

  • Work as a team to create productivity improvements
  • Diagnose the team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Take ownership of their issues and develop solutions together to fix them

In our programs we don’t just focus on ‘practising’ being a team, we get teams working on ‘real’ business issues to create change and improvements that can be implemented as soon as they go back to work.

What is team building?

SeeChange Approach to Team Building


  • "“SeeChange Consulting worked with Lockyer Valley Regional Council throughout 2013 to support their Module Champions to work as a team to effectively implement a new software program across the entire organisation.  In the feedback given about the program when it was completed, over 80% of participants stated that they now understand one another better, and know how to work as a team across the whole organisation (reducing the effect of silos). Many people also said it was one of the first times they had really seen the benefits of working as ‘one team’ across the organisation.  It was well worth the effort. "

    Gary Young, Project Manager.
    Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

  • "“The SeeChange message may be simple but it’s powerful. Teamwork is critical. Thanks to SeeChange we now communicate openly, trust is growing and we are working better together as a whole team. We have moved from a win-lose situation to a win-win environment and it’s paying dividends."

    Ross Ingram, Chief Executive Officer.
    Swickers and SunPork Fresh Foods .