What our clients say

“Before working with SeeChange, our Board were disjointed and so our Leadership Team lacked a thorough understanding of the Board’s vision. We worked with SeeChange for 12 months, focusing on different levels of the business - the Board, the senior managers and then with the middle managers. We are now even doing sessions for all our staff. In these very practical SeeChange sessions we've worked on real work issues together which really showed us teamwork in action. We are now a united team, working in the one direction. Processes within the business have improved immensely and our staff have 100% 'buy in' to what we are trying to achieve. I would recommend SeeChange if you want to improve the culture of your business which will in turn improve your bottom line."

Paul Hilton, CEO
Power Tynan Financial Services, Toowoomba

“SeeChange Consulting worked with Lockyer Valley Regional Council throughout 2013 to support their Module Champions to work as a team to effectively implement a new software program across the entire organisation.  In the feedback given about the program when it was completed, over 80% of participants stated that they now understand one another better, and know how to work as a team across the whole organisation (reducing the effect of silos). Many people also said it was one of the first times they had really seen the benefits of working as ‘one team’ across the organisation.  It was well worth the effort. "

Gary Young, Project Manager
Lockyer Valley Regional Council

“Maria and Tracy have the ability to get the best from a team and I recommend them to anyone who wishes to create change, make improvements and see effective results in their business.”

Ken Cameron, General Manager
Cameron Pastoral Company, Goondiwindi

“Staff have reflected that participating in the SeeChange Program gave them renewed motivation, reinforced a belief that being a leader in change is a positive thing and boosted their confidence in their ability to be effective change makers. It is evident that the tools are being applied in real situations to engage others in finding solutions within local teams in order to gain measurable business results."

Mary- Anne Bowyer, General Manager Community Services
Southern Cross Care Queensland

“The SeeChange message may be simple but it’s powerful. Teamwork is critical. Thanks to SeeChange we now communicate openly, trust is growing and we are working better together as a whole team. We have moved from a win-lose situation to a win-win environment and it’s paying dividends."

Ross Ingram, Chief Executive Officer
Swickers and SunPork Fresh Foods

“Yes working with SeeChange does cost money. However my Board said, "Can you afford NOT to do it?" We have saved at least the original investment with SeeChange by decreasing staff turnover and having our leaders take responsibility for HR when they are on duty. It has been worth every cent to us and I now realize that it isn't just my job to make it work."

Penni Roberts, Chief Executive Officer
Kaloma Home for the Aged, Goondiwindi

“Since beginning the K2 program with SeeChange only 2 months ago, I am already ‘seeing change’. My senior staff are becoming more proactive. In the past they were always reacting to situations rather than proactively planning how to prevent such incidents. They have now recognised the importance of gaining clarity on key priorities and then making effective plans to make these priorities happen. I am also seeing them grow in confidence – they are now running their own meetings with staff to gain their ‘buy in’ to projects they believe need to happen to improve how our facility operates. They are really starting to embrace what it means to be a leader at Berlasco – truly marvellous to watch. ”

Athena Ermides, General Manager
Berlasco Court, Brisbane

“If we didn’t use SeeChange Consulting our business would have self destructed. The unchosen change that was forced upon us by external factors saw us in a very challenging position. The tools, skills and thinking ability we gained from working with SeeChange has seen us deal with the forced change and we are now a lot different business than we were 12 months ago."

Selwyn Bruhl, Managing Director
Bruhl Roadworks and Earthmoving

Using the online tools created a great result for me and my relationship with staff and our business as a whole.

Mark Welsh
Mark Welsh